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Patient Information

Patient Fees

Initial Intake (1.5-2 hours)........$185.00 
30 minute follow up appointment........$72.00

45 minute follow up appointment...….$108.00

60 minute follow up appointment........$145.00
Acupuncture (30 – 45 mins)........$90.00
Above prices listed before taxes and subject to change without notice.


Telephone Consultations 
A one time 15-minute telephone consultation regarding the clinic services and how they might benefit you is free. Otherwise, telephone consultations for existing patients that are longer than 20 minutes are billed at $30 per 20 minutes


If you require Testing or Analysis, fees for those services will be discussed during your appointment.

* Please note, the cost of any recommended supplements, herbal remedies, 
or homeopathics are not included in the above mentioned fees.

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